Monday, March 15, 2010

Sunday Funday! (18) (Sh, don't tell me it's really Monday...)

Apparently, I should just change the name of this feature.

But I promise I have a good reason this time!!! And it has nothing to do with Daylight Savings Time, which seems to be the default excuse. So I told you last week about how I've joined the Mac world, and I love it. Well yesterday I went in for my first one-to-one session, and to do the data transfer from my old computer. I thought the data transfer would take a few hours, then I could come home and update the blog. Little did I know that the data transfer takes 48-72 hours, not two or three like I thought. LIFE=SHATTERED. I couldn't write or updated the blog yesterday, but now I'm at work and posting this on my lunch break all quick like. So, here are all the most awesome posts from around the blogosphere this week.Feel free to post some of your faves in the comments!

Jennifer Barnes talks about the five things you'll think about while writing sequels.

Karen Hooper posted a hilarious video about why editing is very impotent.

Maggie Stiefvater posted all about queries.

Briana from Poetic Serendipity has a series going on where she gives the ABCs of writing. Here is a link to B for Believability (and A for Ambition), but I bet she's got the whole alphabet coming up (and she's a new-ish blogger, so hop on over and check her out!)

Remember those old Choose-Your-Own-Adventure books? I used to love those. Nathan Bransford, in his infinite awesomeness, has created a choose-your-own-adventure (a functioning one) about the future of e-books. In my first round, I ended up in the dreariest future. I guess I'm a pessimist, which must be why my book's main theme is death. I'm an awesome chipper person in real life, I promise.

Also, I know I'm about 10 blog awards behind on things I need to pass out and thank yous, etc. I'll get on that soon, I promise. In the meantime, thank you so much!! It really means a lot to me when people let me know this little blog is actually helping them. So thanks :)


  1. Thanks for the fantastic links! I'll have to make some time to visit them, because they all look awesome. :-)

  2. Thanks for the awesome links!!! I love researching and visiting new places! Your blog rocks!!! Don't worry I had to set up all my awards on Sunday, and it takes a lot of work once you let them pile up!!!

  3. I can't believe that it takes that long! I just bought my Macbook a couple of months ago, but, already, I couldn't live without it more than a few minutes. I hope they get it back to you sooner!!!

    Happy Monday!!

  4. Thanks for the links. I'll be checking them out later.

  5. I appologize in advance for commenting off-topic of the post. My best friend is also trying to get her writting career going (her WIP is a humor autobiography). When I told her today about the stuff you have written regarding the writing and publishing process, she responded, "I may be able to skip some of those steps. [My fiancee] has published in a few books and is going to get me in touch with some people." I was just wondering how you'd respond to that statement. I have told her about your blog, I just don't know if she has taken a look yet.

  6. Thank you for all the links, especially Maggie Stiefvater's one about queries! :]

  7. You're welcome, everyone!

    Holly - Here's the thing about contacts...depending on how well-known her fiancee is, it may or may not matter. If he/she has a ton of stuff published and is fairly well respected, then they might have some clout to get something looked at with an agent/editor. And if they have a good relationship with an agent, they could recommend your friend's book. But if the fiancee is just another person with some stories published...agents and editors get stuff all.the.time from "friends of friends," etc. Some of them don't even read it anymore, just auto-reject it. It would be smart for your friend to at least know about the publishing industry and what the traditional routes would be. If she can use some contacts, great. But if it's an autobiography/memoir, the way she goes about contacting agents is totally different than my route as a fiction writer.

    All that being said, none of this matters if the writing isn't good. She should get some critique partners or join a writing group if she's honestly serious about getting published - have more than just family and friends read her work, but people she doesn't know that won't worry about hurting her feelings if her book needs work. Good luck to her!

  8. Thanks for the shout out! Happy Tuesday! :)

  9. yay for the mac users of the world!!! welcome!! :D

    also -- love this post -- great links, so helpful!

    great blog and best of luck with your writing!!


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