Sunday, July 11, 2010

Sunday Funday! (32)

Happy Sunday everyone! Here are some great links from around the Web this week (and maybe some from last week too):

Need a reminder to keep writing, even when you feel like giving up because your writer neuroses are getting the best of you? Grab this poster from etsy seller KeepCalmShop and remember to KEEP CALM and WRITE ON. (Also available in READ ON and several other sizes and designs.)

Maggie Stiefvater talks about the odds of getting published, in a post that is both incredibly inspiring and informative.

Have you visited the Forever Young Adult blog? I heart it. They wrote what is pretty much the only review of the Eclipse movie you will ever need to read in your entire life. They also developed the Eclipse drinking game, which is fabulous and amazing and makes me want to head to the theater immediately with some beverages stowed in my purse. (Note: SeeHeatherWrite does not condone underage drinking for those readers under 21, nor does it condone drinking illegally in movie theaters, especially if you do it loudly and get caught.) See also: the New Moon drinking game and the Twilight drinking game.

Speaking of Eclipse...OK, so I saved this link at the beginning of the week to post here, because it is SO hilarious. And then it showed up on Janet Reid's blog, so now everyone and their mom has seen it, obvs. But I don't care, it's still hilarious, and I'm sharing it with you anyway, on the off chance that someone out there hasn't seen this via Twitter, Facebook, or Janet Reid.

(See also: New Moon with Cats and Twilight with Cats, though neither is nearly as funny.) 

Last week, my friend Nicole suggested I start a blog. She didn't know I had one already, so I gave her this address and maybe she's even reading this right now. (Hi, Nicole!) I told her it was a writing blog, and she thought that was great. Then she said I should have a fashion blog. Which made me LOL. Because I am so NOT fashionable. But, as it turns out, some writers actually are fashionable. And they blog about it. 

Emilia Plater (OMGSHE'SSOADORABLE) talks about the three possible reactions you might get from people when you tell them you're writing a novel.

OK, so you submitted your manuscript to an agent, but then - for one reason or another - made some revisions to it. How do you handle re-submitting to the agent with those changes? The Agency Gatekeeper has the answers, complete with a great example.

Presenting Lenore announces the coming of Dystopian August! Woot!

Do you think aspiring writers should have book review blogs? The question was tackled on Twitter a few weeks ago, and the YA Addict continues the discussion on her blog.

And finally, the fabulous Lauren Oliver discusses how to stick with writing when you get that great idea.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. Thanks for the shout out! I am super excited about Dystopian August!

  2. Great bunch of links - thanks for sharing! I *hadn't* seen Eclipse with LOLz Cats yet (I was on vacation all this week). Hilarious!

  3. I want to marry the FYA blog. I love it so much.

    And great writing/blogging link! You know I'm still mulling over that situation. :-\

  4. I agree, Emilia is too adorable for words!

    Great link!

  5. Wow! Thanks for the shout out! :) Art is subjective, and I happen to think you are Fashionable,so there!! xoxo

    OMG, I might have to see Eclipse again just so I can play the drinking game and of course for the Abs!!

  6. I hadn't seen the lolcats Eclipse, so you can introduce me to it! I haven't actually seen the movies or read the book either, but I still thought it was hilarious.

    Also, definitely start a fashion blog. I'd read it. You are way cute!


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