Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Query critique contest! (Don't worry...I'm not hosting.)

A lot of you are getting ready to query. Being not only unpublished, but not even ready to query myself, I can't really offer my readers any advice on how to write a query or make queries any better. (How many times can I saw query in one post? QueryQueryBoBeeryBananaFanaFoFeeryMeMyMoMeery....Query!)

I can, however, link to this awesome query contest put on by Kathleen Ortiz, known on Twitter as @KOrtizzle, tweeter of hilarious things she gets in queries (seriously. A recent tweet said, ""Um...queries in first person POV from the character's POV are really creepy #pubtip") She's giving away two query critiques, and not crappy critiques, but good, quality, "she'll bust out the red pen and tell you what she REALLY thinks" critiques.

Enter the contest here! If you do, please mention that @HeatherTrese sent you! (You get extra points for the referral, too!)

Does the idea of having my query ripped apart by an agent totally terrify me? Of course. But it's got to happen eventually, and at least this way the ultimate goal is constructive feedback, right? RIGHT?


  1. This is such a neat idea. I wish my current WIP was far enough along for this step!!

  2. Wow that would be so amazing! I too am not that far along but what an opportunity!

  3. Oh, now this a perfect timing for me. I'm on the verge of query madness. Now I just have to write the dang thing. Thanks for posting this!

  4. Cool contest! I have one that will start on February 15 -- five agents will be critiquing queries!

  5. M. and Jen - my MS isn't quite ready to query yet, but I have a query letter written. I think getting it evaluated, even at this early stage, could help a lot and even get me some feedback on the overall idea. But if you're not far enough to know your hook, etc., then there are definitely going to be similar contests in the future. I'll be sure to post them!

    Carolina - no problem! Glad I could help!

    Elana - thanks for the heads up! I'll post a link to yours, too! Five agents...great contest!!


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