Thursday, October 29, 2009

One word (3 times): Scissors

(I didn't like my first attempt at today, so I tried again. Then, I wanted to see if I could write something without actually using the word they give you as a prompt. Often, my first impulse is to lead with the given word, but I try to avoid that. Inevitably, though, the word creeps up. I think I avoided it yesterday with "shoes," but today's word was trickier. Here are my three attempts!)

I need a haircut so badly. My hair is wild and untamed, and falls ungracefully into my eyes. But I can't afford anything these days. So I lift the scissors to my head and start to chop. I've never done this before...I hope it comes out OK!

Julie cut carefully along the lines of the page. As she chopped, she watched the tiny pieces of paper curl into small tendrils behind the blades of her scissors. Hannah's birthday was around the corner, and this year she needed to make a statement with her gift.

He cut the box open, slowly, carefully. Once he reached the end of the tape, he lifted the sides of the cardboard open and reached inside. He pushed aside the layers of Styrofoam peanuts and newspaper to reveal the best gift he had ever received. Finally, his parents had listened to him, and gotten him exactly what he wanted.

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