Wednesday, October 28, 2009 Shoes is an awesome site. Basically, you go there and they give you one word to write about, and exactly 60 seconds to write about it. You just start typing immediately and whatever comes out is what you're stuck with. It's great! I do it pretty much daily. I'll probably post my results every day, even if they suck (yesterday's result, with the prompt "microphone," was pretty bad. Fortunately, this blog didn't exist yesterday! Hooray for avoiding embarrassment!) Here's today's:

She slipped her feet into the soft leather of her worn, brown flats. She never wore them with socks, and they smelled terrible. Sour and dirty. She got a weird kind of joy in wearing them everywhere she went and taking them off, then laughing to herself as everyone around her asked, "What is that SMELL??!" It was one of few joys she had left.

Did you visit (I bet you did.) Why don't you post your response here! Or if you thought my 60 seconds today was especially awesome (or especially crappy), feel free to tell me so.

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