Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Happy Mockingjay Day!

Woohoo! It's here! It's here!

It's a day that's been on my calendar for so long that I marked it in pencil, knowing that the publishing world is often fickle (read: hoping they would move the date up), and all it says is "3rd HG release!" because the title wasn't even announced yet! And now it's here and I'm super pumped!!!

I have a pre-ordered copy coming my way, courtesy of one Ms. Frankie Diane Mallis, but I have no idea if it will get here today or tomorrow or next week sometime. I'm giving it until I get home from work, since I can't really read until then anyway, then I'm caving and buying a copy. I figure I can donate the extra copy to orphaned children or my teacher-friend's classroom or the library or host a giveaway or something. I'll find a place for it. Because I think the world could use a little more Mockingjay.

HEY! Speaking of MORE MOCKINGJAY! Have you seen this video of Suzanne Collins reading from the first chapter?


Happy reading everyone! (And if you're not reading Mockingjay I assume it's because your eyes have been ripped out of your head by mutations. You should really get that fixed so you can read the series. Like, yesterday. You can thank me when you're done.)


  1. I just checked with Amazon and it says it's in transit--it shippd on the 22nd so I HOPE its there SOON!

  2. I'm running over to B&N today after work whether or not they call to tell me my preorder is in... I'm forgetting about homework and marathon reading tonight, so call/text me when you finish it!

  3. Oh man...so much buzz. I still haven't read it. But oh man, all this buzz is making me ravenous for it!!!

  4. I loved it! I hope you got your copy and are devouring it like I did. :)


Loved it? Hated it? Either way, I want to hear what you thought!

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