Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Funday (37)

Happy Sunday!! It's been a busy week at the Trese household. I've been revising a TON (hence the lack of updates - oops!) and doing some CP reading. I also got to go back to WWoHP this week with my friend Crystal, and it was just as amazing as the first time! (Sidenote: I am an annual pass holder, so all of you blogging friends who are making the trip down to Orlando sometime in the next year should totally give me a buzz.) 

But enough about me. Let's talk about the other great things that have been going on in the blogging world!

Amna from Girl in Between had a whole post dedicated to awesome, awful, and awfully awesome rejections.

HEY! MOCKINGJAY is only TWO DAYS AWAY!!!! Forever Young Adult celebrated by suggesting some great HG merch (and an HG drinking game). Amna, on the other hand, traded hilarious texts with her cousin, a first-time HG reader, and then posted them on her blog for all the world to enjoy.

Wondering how to write a novel? Nathan Bransford explains.

OK, so you've written the you need to edit it. (Knew you were forgetting something, huh?) Kiersten White's got you covered!

So, your novel is written, it's edited...time to move on to beta readers! Got YA? discusses how to be a better beta, while a group of bloggers led by Sarah Enni participated in a Battle of the Betas where they betaed online so you can see their process.

Pretty soon, you'll be ready to query! Kate Hart posted her agent story and it's amazing and inspirational - keep working and yours could be just as awesome.  

And if all of this sounds way too intimidating, you might want to start here, with some tips for getting the ball rolling.

Have you decided to give up? Still facing rejection? As it turns out, there are some perks to being unpublished, according to Query Tracker blog.

And finally...have you seen this video? Grammar School with Snooki. OMG IT'S AWESOME AND MAKES ME LOVE JOHN GREEN EVEN MORE. Watch it. Love it. (Actually, watch pretty much all of the VlogBrothers videos, because they are all awesome.

Have a great week everyone!


  1. double link? THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE LOVE <3

  2. Thanks again for joining us at WWoHP, it was great getting to see you again!

    YAY Vlog Brothers!


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