Thursday, December 30, 2010


I can hardly contain myself. So even though you are very likely going to get a nearly identical post next week, I'm giving you this post now, because I need to get it out of my system or I might just freaking EXPLODE.

In one week, I'm heading up north for a wedding. Three days later, I'll get on a Greyhound bus for a journey to Montpelier, VT and my first semester as an MFA student at the Vermont College of Fine Arts.

Sorry for the yelling. But, like I said...I really, really can't contain myself. In case you're new to the blog, or have forgotten, I'm starting VCFA's low-residency master's program in Writing for Children and Young Adults. I've been waiting for this day for MONTHS, since I applied wayyy early, back in early May (they have rolling admissions but I barely missed the deadline to apply for summer term.) I'll arrive on campus on January 9 (which just so happens to be my 26th birthday - Best. Present. Ever.), and spend a week and a half there attending lectures with titles like, "Zen and the Art of Getting Through Your First Draft (Without Losing Your Mind!)"; "Airships and Goggles and Brass, Oh My!"; "Writing Kick-Ass Non-Fiction"; and "Cleaning Up the Shitty First Draft." I'll get to talk about children's literature with people who GET IT, and not just blabber to the hubs while he responds, "...?"

There is Wi-Fi available, and while I know I'll be busy, I'll do my best to update as often as I can, because I am so excited about this experience and I want to share it with all of you.

Sadly, there is still a week and a half until I get to start. Until then, I have a ton of reading to do (and I still haven't found appropriate gloves, eek!), and lots more excitement to let trickle out between now and then. So let's see if I can dial it back a few notches...for now, anyway.


  1. Have a fantastic time - can't wait to hear about it! :o)

  2. I'm just a wee bit jealous ;) But I bet you are going to have an amazing time!! Wheee! :D

  3. I know that the writing is the thing...but I can't wait to hear your thoughts on Vermont in dead winter...vs. Florida. You will see some stunning sights...and from someone who went to school in Vermont...forget fashion totally. Go for warmth. That means you need not only gloves but also a warm hat, scarf and down in your coat. Enjoy this wonderful writing experience. I'm envious and wish you much learning.

  4. YAY! I can't wait to hear about it!

    (And,'re invited to follow that guy's blog! LUCKY!)

  5. I'm so jealous!!! Good luck!!!!

  6. How exciting! Can't wait to hear how great it is!

  7. Have a blast, Heather! I know you're going to impress everyone with your work!

  8. Forget the gloves. Mittens are the way to go, as long as you aren't driving!

  9. Oh, what excitement. I'm green with envy. I'll be back to read about it. (Hello--I'm looking for new blogs to follow by other aspiring writers.)

  10. Eeeeeks! Take copious notes and do awesome blog posts when you return! I can't wait to hear about the awesome inspiration you get being there!

  11. Congrats Heather! That's great news--and it's sure to be a blast!

    Hey, I just wanted to stop in and say thank you. I'm celebrating my blogs one year anniversary today, and you were a big part of why I kept with it--particularly in the early days.

    From the bottom of my heart, thanks! :D Can't wait to hear the tales from Vermont!


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