Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sunday Funday (24)

Happy Sunday Funday! You might have noticed (even if you didn't care...which means you probably didn't notice) that I didn't post a Sunday Funday last week. That's because I fail at life. (Or because I picked up a shift last week at my part-time job. Whichever.) Which is why I took some time today to create a schedule for myself. Which makes me officially a lame adult. It literally says things like "6:30-7pm: eat dinner." Wow, my life is exciting. But I did it in the hopes that I would stick to the schedule, which includes exercising, and obviously more time for writing and blogging. (Which means hanging out with you guys! Woot!)

Anyway, none of that is important, except to say that this week I'll be back full-force with my usual blogging schedule. And also that, even though I wasn't writing posts, I was still reading yours. So here are some highlights from the last TWO weeks! (It's like a super fun bonus Sunday Funday!)

I can't even tell you how amazing Call me Tahereh's blog is. Seriously. The whole thing is just totally awesome. For your consideration, I present "How to Tell Your Parents You're Pregnant a Writer" and a cover of a new magazine - Querypolitan!

The First Novels Club has a phenomenal series going on where they highlight various archetypes in YA lit - the BFF, the parent, etc. Their most recent post highlights the ones we love to hate - the villains! 

Steph Su tells us why she loves the YA community.

The YA-5 asked a group of teens which authors they would most like to meet - and I was definitely surprised by the answers.

The soon-to-be-published Lori Roy tells a story of how she has to read her book again and again before submitting the final to the publisher.

As Elana Johnson notes, us writers are always telling non-writers what they need to know about us. But what do writers need to know about non-writers? Elana fills us in.

Are you ready for the YA-SAT? It's the biggest standardized test for YA-aficionados! Head on over to the YA Highway and find out if you know your stuff.

Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. The YA-SAT sounds really cool. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Nice links this week!!! I dont know how I never discovered Tahereh before!

  3. Hey, what great links. I'm honored to be included! :)


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