Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sunday Funday! (26)

Happy Sunday everyone! I literally went dancing in the rain today (OK, it was in my bathing suit, but still.) I also spray painted a lamp and went to an arts and crafts show, and did some writing stuff. Earlier this week, I read some awesome blog entries around the Interwebz. Entries like....

So I was way behind on Shannon's blog, apparently. Who knew? As I was catching up, I found this juicy tidbit about going with your gut in revisions. It's a great lesson in writing and in life.

A lot of us are headed to writer's conferences in the next few months, which means (if you're anything like me) you're totally freaking out about your pitch, and wondering how to make it perfect. Never fear, Rachelle Gardner has your back! She gives some tips for the perfect pitch. 

Linking Nathan Bransford blog is really NBD - pretty much everyone is doing it. But I couldn't resist sharing this awesome post on crafting voice.

Heather over at Secret Adventures of Writer Girl shared a wonderful list of ways not to raise a reader - it's fun and there's so much truth in it.

Have you been rejected? I haven't been rejected in the writing world yet (only because I haven't queried), but I certainly expect to be rejected one day. And when I am, I will have this list of famous authors who were rejected repeatedly - and sometimes rudely - before they finally found a publisher handy. This is my favorite kind of motivation.

And finally, this is totally not writing related at all...but this kid is freaking amazing. He's only in 6th grade! This is some seriously awesome motivation to keep practicing your skill when talent like this exists in the world. (OK, I know a lot of you might have seen this video already. And the kid was on Ellen. But I added the link at the beginning of the week. Anyway, what you might not have seen yet is the two songs this kid wrote himself....seriously. Click here to see him perform his song, Broken Hearts, and here for Stars. So, Greyson...where can I buy the album?)


  1. HOLY COW! I have heard of this video, but I'm not really a video person...I usually don't watch them. But I'll usually watch them if you post them; they are pre-screened for me. ;-)Anyway, I'm so glad I watched! He's AMAZING!! I love talented kids like this.

    But the kids in the crowd don't look as impressed as they should be. ;-)

  2. Aw, thanks for the link Heather. And lol about dancing in the rain in a bathing suit. Um, where were the pictures of that????? :)


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