Monday, May 10, 2010

(Monday) Funday! (25)

It's Monday, not Sunday, but I'm still posting my links because there is a lot of amazing stuff happening in the writing world and I need to share them! But I spent yesterday driving to and from Orlando, and unfortunately my car doesn't have Internets. Oh well.

Here are some awesome links from around the blogging world!

OMG FRANKIE HAS AN AGENT!!! AND SHE'S EPICALLY AWESOME!!! AND WE SHOULD ALL SQUEE FOR HER BECAUSE THIS NEWS IS AMAZING!!!!!! And also because her deal with the universe is EPIC. Yay Frankie!!! I can't wait to read your book one day and have you sign it and grovel at your feet. I've said it before, but stories like this are so inspiring. Frankie is someone I (kind of) know! (through the Internet) And great things are happening for her! Which means they could happen for me! And for you! And I use too many exclamation points!

Speaking of Frankie and her agent, she's giving away a (mostly) SIGNED Hunger Games trilogy to celebrate! Head on over to her blog to enter, and please for the love of all things chocolaty, tell her I sent you!

I must have a lot of love for Frankie today...because Frankie is part of The First Novels' Club, which happens to be another one of my favorite blogs. They created a list of helpful writing advice on dialogue, plotting, character, and even one on blogging, all from other writers.

If you haven't heard about Do the Write Thing for Nashville by now, you might want to head over the blog and check out the auctions they've got going on. Amazing ARCs, query and MS critiques (with agents, editors, and authors), signed books, phone calls with agents and much, much more are all up for auction, with proceeds to benefit the Nashville flood.

Fans of Maggie Stiefvater probably know that she's a gifted artist and musician as well as writer. She created a beautiful trailer for Shiver, and recently released the following breathtaking follow-up for Linger. Uhm, wow. Just wow.

And comes my shameless plug. I'm having a giveaway! Win an ARC of Forgive my Fins and a signed copy of Goth Girl Rising. Enter here! And if I get 10 more followers (to keep this mathematically accurate even after people start realizing that I bring the awesome and clicking "Follow," I just have to hit 200) I'll add another prize! 

Have a great week, everyone!


  1. Hehe, in my world, you can never ever ever use enough exclamation points:-) Awwww! And I have a ton of love for you too! Can't wait till we're celebrating your agent signing!!! It will be soooo epic! :-)

  2. Excellent links, Heather! I loved them all too. :-)


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