Monday, June 28, 2010

Monday Funday! (31)

Yesterday's Sunday Funday was interrupted by a Very Important Post, so I'm doing Monday Funday instead! Here are some great links from around the blogging world and the Interwebz:

Have you read The Tension of Opposites by Kristina McBride? If so, hop on over to Forever YA Lit to participate in a discussion of the book! (It started today and will continue through tomorrow. One commenter will win a copy of next month's book club choice!)

Elana Johnson offers some sage advice on how to write.

Inky Girl, maker of fine writing cartoons since...awhile...discusses cliches in writing. Although most of them are journalism-related, you should probably avoid them in your fiction, too. Because cliches are totally lame. (I wanted to come up with a cliche there, but I couldn't. That doesn't make them any less lame though. Maybe it makes me more awesome. ;))

A long time ago, before e-readers and foreign rights agents and movie deals and laptops were in use, books were made a very different way. Vicarious Reader talks about how books used to be made, and how times have changed since then.

The ever-fabulous Emilia Plater has done it again! This time, she takes inspiration from a parody trailer for every Oscar-winning movie ever made and parodies it in her own way - a book trailer for every YA novel ever made! Watch it, then go Twitter about it.




  1. Oh gosh. I just saw The Deathly Hallows trailer on TV earlier. Bleh. Loved the trailer for every Oscar-winning movie ever made and book trailer for every YA novel ever made. Thanks for sharing. I'd Tweet about it...but I don't have Twitter.

  2. Thanks for pimping out the book club! :-D

    And I LOVED that book trailer. So awesome.

  3. Thank you for posting that trailer! Now I am all fluffy and Harry Pottery inside, wanting November to come right away (which is saying something, because November will be the final deadline for my thesis, and I am positively DREADING that!).


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