Monday, June 7, 2010

You might be married to a writer if...

  • You think nothing of your spouse getting out of bed in the middle of the night just to run into the other room and write down an important plot point/story idea that came to them while they were sleeping/winding down for the night.
  • The "middle of the night" is actually 3am because your spouse goes to bed around 2am - when else will they have time to write?
  • Your spouse has ever told you they couldn't hang out because they had "work" to catch up on, then pulled out their computer. And probably opened Twitter, their blog, or some other writer "chat" before opening their actual WIP. (It's about moral support, right?) 
  • You don't think twice when your spouse starts analyzing plotlines or character motivation in books, TV shows, or movies (even if it really, really annoys you). 
  • You're not entirely sure what it is that a literary agent does, but you know that hearing from one makes your spouse squee (or the equivalent of squee, if they aren't a person who squees).
  • You've ever had a Very Serious and Important conversation with your spouse about people who don't actually exist. 
  • Your biggest vacation of the year revolves around a writer's conference, which you're not attending. 
  • You have to remind your spouse to do things like bathe, eat, pick up their clothes, do their laundry, or wash their dishes, even though your spouse is obviously an adult. 
How else might you know you're married to a writer?


  1. Your spouse laughs/giggles at whatever she's writing on the screen, says that she's hilarious, but won't allow you to read it because it's still a first draft.

  2. I LOL'd at a bunch of these -- I always have in-depth conversations with my Other about my characters and I'm constantly saying I have to write then spending ages on the internet doing "research"

    Loved this post!

  3. I love this! I just E-mailed it to my husband! haha!

  4. You have picture frames up on the wall (that are the right color and size for the space they occupy) with pictures of models in them and your family makes up stories about these people. We have one of poor cousin Sophy who lives in CA and has a terrible lisp...The whole family knows this imaginary cousin and her story. :) This is how writers live...with imagination...

  5. Hahaha! I know my husband could appreciate all of these. So fun!! Love it Heather.

  6. I'm really bad on the last one--but I'm getting better!

    BTW, there's a little something for you over at my place. :)

  7. Ha! These are awesome. Hmm...

    You get a check from Staples rewards program every month, because your spouse buys so much ink, paper, post-its, etc.

    You no longer blink when people around you laugh at totally inappropriate times. It's normal at home.

    You feel vaguely jealous of the love interest who lives in your spouse's imagination.

  8. You're jealous of your spouse's laptop. It sleeps between you in bed, gets all your spouse's attention and your spouse "cuddles it better."

    Um... My husband has never accused me of this. Not once. Yep. *blinks*

    Great post!

  9. Totally forwarded to my Future Husband. Hilarious! Now he knows I'm not the only one!

  10. Great post! I can't wait for my husband to wake up so I can read this to him and watch the pained look on his face...he's sleeping in because I woke him up hours ago to have a discussion about some imaginary people in an imaginary town. I know the first thing he'll ask is, "There are others like you???" Haha

  11. My husband would like to add that you know you're married to a writer when *you* don't get to bed until 3am because your spouse absolutely has to talk through her various plot holes and story ideas before she can fall asleep.

    Also when, instead of pictures, your hallway is covered in corkboards with multi-colored scene notecards tacked all over it.

  12. ROFL @ the second-to-last. I'm far from having a spouse, but this was awesome :D

  13. These are great! Thanks for the laugh.

  14. Cute - as the spouse of a writer I can relate to each of these. I'd add you might be married to a writer if you walk into their office, find them teary-eyed at their computer, and learn what's wrong when they tell you "I'm writing a sad scene."

  15. I love this. @displacedtexan my husband has totally done that!! I was writing a really sad part of a story and walked around the house depressed the whole time. When he asked me what's wrong, all I could say was, "Blame the story. It's all the story's fault!"

  16. absolutely loved it! i know my hubby would appreciate reading this, especially the last one, about doing laundry or picking up clothes or generally doing things adults are supposed to do... lol. and just reading this post made me realize how patient that man is!


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