Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Funday! (29)

Happy Sunday everyone! As SCBWI-LA draws closer, I'm trying to get my WIP in it's finished state so that I can have an actual, finished novel to show off/talk about at the conference. But it's coming up fast, and I'm worried that I won't make it? Will I be able to get it done in time? Or will I have to leave the hundreds of editors and agents who will no doubt be lined up outside my hotel room begging for copies of my MS in suspense a little longer? (/sarcasm) Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of "Will Heather ever finish this novel??"

When I'm not revising, I'm trolling the internet looking for awesome blog entries so that I can share them with YOU every Sunday. Here are my picks for this week!

Write it Sideways asks...Do literary agents actually read your query letter?

Non-verbal communication is an important part of every character's persona. Sharp Pen Dull Sword discusses the importance of getting it right, and the different options.

Lit agent Rachelle Gardener held a pitch contest where she invited readers to submit one-sentence loglines for their books. She then chose winners, and gave suggestions on what went wrong with other entries. Reading about the the winners and those who weren't as successful can be tremendously helpful for people struggling with writing a logline. (I didn't enter, but some people from my writing group did, and we all ended up helping work on their pitch. Then we worked on everyone's pitched. And I learned that you can really improve a pitch by getting group input - brainstorming with people you trust can help tremendously in a case like this!)

YA Highway introduced me to The Seventeen Magazine Project, a blog where a teenage girl is attempting to use Seventeen Magazine as her teen "bible" for one month. Every day, she'll use one fashion or beauty tip and try to participate in one activity suggested by the magazine. Reading this blog proves that there are intelligent, well-rounded teens in the world - and that there's nothing wrong with having a smart teen voice in your book, because those kinds of teens obviously exist. It also makes me want to be friends with the author of the blog, and either punch the editors of Seventeen in the face a little, or go get a job there so I can change things - I can't decide which.

Not Enough Words talks about an issue that we've all had to face, and how to overcome it - Writer's Block.

We've all heard before about when it's time to give up on a manuscript or idea. But Emilia Plater of Punk Writer Kid fame talks about when not to give up on a project, as part YA Highway's Road Trip Wednesday feature.

This week, I have not one but TWO awesome videos for you. The first comes courtesy of Tahereh at Stir Your Tea, one of my most favorite blogs (of which I have about 200). It's called FONT CONFERENCE, and it is awesome.

The next video needs no introduction, because most of you have probably already seen it. What I bet you haven't seen is the hilarious commentary provided by Forever Young Adult. Read it. Love it.

Have a great week!


  1. Good luck to you and have a great time at the conference!

  2. THANKS...these links are awesome, really! LOVED the Harry Potter thing. :) good luck at the conference, have a great time and bring back lots of fun blogging topics for us poor people that don't get to go!

  3. "Stay tuned for the thrilling conclusion of "Will Heather ever finish this novel??"" - You have no idea how much I relate to that, LOL - well, maybe you do ;) We have to finish our novels before LA, girl!! We CAN. (also - we gotta hang out there too!) Thank you so much for the linkage... and *hyperventilates* *hyperventilates* Sorry, that was me watching the HP trailer for the 100th time. :D


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