Sunday, September 5, 2010

Sunday Funday! (39)

I'm still in Decatur, at the book festival, but thanks to the magic of blogger scheduled posts, I can bring you Sunday Funday as regularly scheduled! Here are some awesome links from around the blogging world this week.

Here's a wonderful post about writing for children and YA from Cynthia Leitich Smith.

Yay! Amna and her cousin exchanged texts during Mockingjay, too! (My sister and I did this too, but I have to admit they weren't quite as funny/entertaining as these. Sorry Holly.)

YA Highway has an AMAZING post about what The Princess Bride (an amazing movie, and also a good book) can teach you about querying.

Do you post book reviews online? Literary agent Rachelle Gardener offers her advice/opinion on writers who review books.  

So you know how much I love when writers rewrite the lyrics to pop songs and make them relevant to my life? A LOT. Here's Jen Hayley with I GOTTA FEELING: The Writer Remix! 

Ever wondered how to write a novel? Never fear! Tahereh breaks it down for you in 100 easy (and hilarious!) steps.

Jessica Love explores the boy question in YA lit from a new angle - what's up with the high ratio of dorky boy narrators?

New blog alert! That Cover Girl will discuss covers of YA books - the good, the bad, and the ugly. I knew there were similar blogs out there for adult/general interest books, so something like this is awesome and right up my alley! 

OK, I think that's all! Have a great week and tune in tomorrow for my DBF recap - with prizes! 

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