Sunday, September 12, 2010

Sunday Funday! (40)

Happy Sunday, everyone! Before we get started today, I want to talk to you about an awesome writers' conference. I know, I know, I do that a lot. What can I say? I honestly worry that people are missing out on incredible opportunities in their own backyard simply because they don't know about them. So if just ONE person is helped from this, then, awesome.

So this conference is called the Auburn Writers Conference, and it's only about a month away! It's in Auburn, Alabama, which according to my friends who live there is an absolutely a-dorable town. And I'll be there!! And so will Rachel Hawkins, Holly Root, Irene Latham, Julianna Baggot, Judy Troy, and more awesome people. You should go! And say hi to me! But also learn a lot. It's only $150 for both days, and if you're a student it's only $25! WOW! That's pretty much the cheapest conference EVER. And the workshop sessions are amazing. Plus did I mention that I'll be there? Because I will. And I like to meet you people, because I think you are awesome.

OK, on with the links! 

This insightful article from my future alma mater's literary art's journal, VCFA's Hunger Mountain, talks about why children's books with multicultural characters aren't just for multicultural children.

Mary Kole, literary agent with Andrea Brown, discusses her full manuscript evaluation process on her awesome blog

Nathan Bransford talks about how to make your dialogue sing (is there a pun there? If there is, it wasn't intended. Maybe.)

What's more important to an agent - a writer or a Twitter feed? Bookends Literary looks at the question - and explains why her answer probably won't change your opinion of agents who tweet anyway.

Judson Merrill, a writer trying to find a home for his stories, responds to some of the more confusing phrases in the form rejections he receives. (Via DGLM)

OK, so I have a job, and a life, and a in the heck do I have time to write?? Kate Messner, who has written nine books in the past three years, answers that age-old question.

Natalie Whipple wants to know...are you being a writer, or are you just throwing icing on a cardboard cake?

Adorable bookish jewelry over on Jennie's blog, Life is Short, Read Fast.

Rachelle Gardener takes you behind the scenes at an acquisitions meeting...and it is hilarious and terrifying.

OK, folks, I think that's all for today. Hope you all have a great week! 


  1. Great links! I'd missed some of them, so thanks for sharing!

  2. Guh. Want pretty necklace.

    Also, I'd love to go to a writers' conference! I'm sure they save some in Austin--I'm just perpetually unaware of them.

  3. Thanks for the Auburn Writers Conference love! Looking forward to meeting you in October!


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