Thursday, April 8, 2010

My First Vlog! (More on Making Time to Write)

So I made a vlog.

It's not really that great.

It's probably too long. It lacks direction. There's a period near the end where I sort of forget I'm on camera and just look through my notebook, but I was too tired to edit it out, so it ended up in the final cut.  Also, I'm not wearing any makeup, and there's definitely some shoddy editing going on.


You get to meet my cute dog, Evie. You get a glimpse at my new haircut (even though the ends are a bit flippy tonight). You get to hear my voice (which might be annoying and make you forever thankful that I'm a writer.) AND most exciting of all, you get a glimpse inside my writer's notebook, and you get to hear me read the sentence that sparked the idea for my current novel (including the original title! The title and the idea have been modified significantly, so I feel totally cool sharing them all with the world.)

Plus I promised I would.

Also, I totally stole that sign-off from the podcasts I do at my full-time job. I work for an insurance magazine, and we always say, "Until next month, happy selling!" at the end of the podcasts. I think it's cute, and have since I started working there, so I totally borrowed the idea for my vlog. Happy writing is way more fun/easier than happy selling. Happy selling doesn't exist. At least not for me.

So...there you go. Watch at your own risk.

EDIT: I fail at YouTube. Apparently the settings were automatically set to private, and because I have no idea what I'm doing I didn't change them. I posted the video then, like a good writer, turned off the Internet and crit read and did a little writing...and awoke to messages of my fail. But the video should be fixed now! Hopefully my nightowl tendancies mean most people weren't affected. If you aren't missing much.

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  1. Yeah, OK, so like I follow you but I can't watch your video. Something is not set up quite right here!

  2. The video won't play. Looking forward to seeing it though.

  3. Thanks, Wendy and Liza, for letting me know! I fail at life. My Twitter followers were quick to point this out, too, but I think I fixed it!

  4. Hair: Very stylish. No makeup? If this was high school, I'd say I hate you. My complexion is a disaster right now. Notebook: LOVE. I've been planning for weeks to go back into my journals and find the first sentences about my WIP. Also, it's so fun to put voices with faces and words!

  5. Aw, thanks Serenity! I can guarantee you that absolutely no one hated me/was jealous of me in high school (at least not for my complexion). I was such a dork. Drama club, captain of the academic team...yeah. And I live in Florida, so I get these really obnoxious, "You're a local? But you're so PALE!" comments all.the.time.

  6. i'll have to check it out when i'm not at work.

    Also you have a dog named Evie?! I do too! (accept mine's spelled Yvie). Small world.
    Is yours sassy like mine?

  7. I love your little doggie! What a sweetheart!

    Great vlog! I love your notebook. I need a schamcy one like that.

  8. LOVE the vlog! You're a natural. Plus those earrings are fab!

    Have a great weekend!!!

  9. Oh, love the new haircut. So sorry Evie was sick--but how fun to get to see her. I hope she's feeling better.

    Love the dedication to writing, m'dear. A USB card everywhere you go? Awesome. I just keep a pen and a small notebook with me, well, and a camera. Never known when inspiration will strike. Can't believe you still stayed up to work after Evie got sick. I hope to catch up on my crittie reading this weekend.

    BTW, LOVE the new blog layout!!! It's beeeeeautiful.

  10. Heather, you crack me up. You are just too cute. And I hope Evie is all better - did she eat something she shouldn't? My dog Smokey got really sick once from eating a bug - he got pancreatitis! He had a very delicate digestive system, though!

  11. Evie is so cute. And I loved the sentence that started your novel. It sounds very intriguing.
    Congrats on your first vlog. So nice to see you in action. :)

  12. Yay! My little sis on a Vlog!

    You do look really tired, and I hope you were able to get some sleep last night.

    Maybe this is why I don't write much, but when I come up with an idea I often don't write anything down until much later. Say, maybe a year or ten. You are definately much better at this than me. :)

  13. Private settings mess me up too :)) I love your haircut, and the red background!! " lotto." That's brilliant. Evie is SO CUTE!

  14. Nice to finally meet you. :) And you dog seems like quite the sweet one.

  15. Falen: Evie is definitely sassy. Though also a little goofy. We think she's a mix of Luna from Harry Potter and, uhm...someone sassy.

    Jessica: The notebook was only $10! I got it on sale. It makes me feel Fancy and Important.

    L and L: Thanks! The earrings were on sale, like all of my earrings, from Target, like all of my earrings.

    Carolina: Thank you! I actually changed it awhile ago, but I think it's so much prettier. And the new haircut makes me feel sassy.

    Wendy: No, she didn't get into far as we know. But she's quick so she might have eaten something while our backs were turned!

    Karen: Thank you! A lot has changed since then, but seeing that sentence still inspires me.

    Holly: Just write it down! You have the time. You can find it, trust me.

    Emilia: The background is actually my headboard, and I just made it! So thank you.

    Heather: Oh, she is! She loves to snuggle and get all up in your face. It's like a constant cuddle fest in my house.


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