Thursday, April 15, 2010

Things I'm Looking Forward To

I think we get down on ourselves a lot as writers. We get frustrated with something crappy we've just written. We get mad that we don't have as much time to write as we'd like. We want to throw things at our MCs because they won't just stick to the damn outline. And every once in awhile, we need to remind ourselves that there are good things to come. Good things like...
  1. Going to SCBWI-LA, and meeting one of my crit-partners, multiple blogging friends, and an endless sea of Twitter-buddies in real life. Not to mention authors, agents, and editors, and learning a whole lot.
  2. Applying to VCFA's MFA in writing for children and young adults. My transcripts are sent, one recommendation letter has arrived, and by the end of the weekend I will have submitted a critical essay and writing sample, too. I know you don't need an MFA to be published. But I would love to learn more about craft, and maybe even teach one day, and studying writing for two years just sounds like a whole lot of fun to me.  
  3. Finishing (what will hopefully be) my last round of revisions. Before I do that, of course I need to finish the two rounds that come before that. But I know the end is coming up soon, which means that before I know it, I will be...
  4. Polishing, perfecting, and sending off my query. Uhm, wow. That is in my four/five month plan. And it is terrifying. And awesome. 
  5. Attending the Decatur Book Festival. OK, this one is about a million months away (read: six months). But I still can't wait. And they won't even announce all the authors until June. But I know this one is worth driving to Atlanta for.
  6. Reading books by people I know. You guys, in case you forgot, people we know (through the Internet and/or in real life) are getting published. They're getting agents. Things are happening for them. And one day, we'll get to read their books, after months and years of watching their journey. This is very, very cool to me. Not only will I be squeeing through 250+ pages of prose (OMG!! I KNOW THIS AUTHOR!!!), but the whole time I'll be thinking, "This could so be me one day." And who knows? Publishing takes a long time. By the time those books are in print, maybe I'll have a deal of my own. Or maybe I'll be running a blog called IHatePublishedAuthors.Com, where I make fun of everyone who manages to get a book deal, because I don't have the talent or drive to make it. One of those two.   
Now you tell me...what are you looking forward to?


  1. Good post Heather. I think we can often get too caught up in the overwhelmingness of it all, and forget to stop and admire the view, i.e. think of all the good things. This is a timely reminder. Thank you!

  2. LOL I hope Im going to LA too! Fingers crossed!

  3. Getting my latest critique back. I think I'm nearly finished with my WIP. :-)

  4. I was just saying that same thing about knowing some authors while I was in Borders the other day. It's crazy isn't it? Then I look at the shelf and think, "If I get published I'm going to be next to Ellen Hopkins. Very cool."

    Right now, I'm looking forward to a glass of wine. ;)

  5. I CAN'T WAIT FOR SCBWI!! Seriously, I think about it every day. I'm so stinking excited, and we haven't even registered yet. Ha.

  6. BTW - my word verification for that last comment was

    as poo



    5 year old

  7. Tracy - Thank you! I always need a refresher about the good things to come.

    Frankie - I hope so!! I would love to meet you!

    Shannon - Getting crits back is so exciting! Hope you get some good comments.

    Karen - I know! There are a ton of people getting agented now that I've been following for a year and it's crazy to think about how far they've come!

    Jessica - ME TOO!!!!! I am literally counting down the days to registration. Also, that second comment had me laughing way, way too hard...seriously. I <3 you.

  8. I'm also going to the LA SCBWI conference. I went last year and loved it. Registration can't come soon enough!


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