Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sunday Funday! (23)

Happy Sunday Funday everyone! It was a rainy day here in Florida, and I spent the day reading Before I Fall, snuggling with my dogs, and falling asleep. Also, cleaning, and arguing with my husband about whether or not we should leave the windows open (I think leaving every window in the house open makes the house feel wet and humid. He thinks it's nice. Not a rainy day goes by without this conversation.) Anyway, here are some great links from around the blogosphere!

Look, everyone knows writers are crazy. And that's OK. It makes us quirky. Except when you're being a total psychopath to agents when they reject you. Not. Cool.

SCBWI registration opens this week! Woot! I'm hoping to meet some agents and get a chance to pitch. And that totally terrifies me. Fortunately, Suzie Townsend has created a list of conference pitching dos and don'ts for me to study before I go!

Jacki at Lovely Little Shelf highlights some of the best first lines in literature.

Apparently, there's been some plagiarism in the book blogging world. So not cool. Lenore from Presenting Lenore wrote an amazing post on the topic, as did Steph Su (including information about legal ramifications) and The Compulsive Reader. Educate yourself, people. I am concerned about plagiarism as a journalist, writer, and reader.

AND thanks to Jessica's awesome investigative resources, I can add this incredible gem of amazingness, in which William Kostakis sends a totally snarky email to the unnamed plagiarist. Seriously,

And finally, the most awesome post you will ever read in your LIFE, which explains the difference between a lot and alot.

(Hint: this is a lot of beer cans:

This is alot of beer cans:)

Image from Hyperbole and a Half, with even more if you click on the awesome link I told you to click on earlier. Just in case you're too lazy to scroll, here it is again.

Hope everyone had a great day!


  1. I love this post, alot. ;-)

    Thanks for posting that conference pitching blog! I'll be printing that one out.

  2. OMG, check this out re: the plagiarism issue

  3. LOL, thanks for sharing, Jess! That definitely got added to the list.

  4. Thanks for linking to my post. I hope the plagiarism culprit(s) have read it and will change their dasterdly ways.

  5. Great links. I can't believe that querier. Would hate to be his crit partner. Good luck at the conference!

  6. Hi all,

    Thanks, Jess, for finding the letter, and thanks Heather for reposting it :P In the space of 24 hours, I've realised just how big the literary blogosphere is...



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