Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sunday Funday! (22)

Hey, look everyone! It's a totally normal time on a Sunday! (Not, like, 11:58 PM, pushing the boundaries of this feature.) First off, I notice I have a few new more than I normally gain in three days. I'm attributing this not to my general awesomeness, but to Anne Riley's murder scene blogfest. So, new followers, welcome! I hope you enjoy me, or at the very least tolerate me somewhat. The good news is I am inching ever closer to 200 followers, and I have an ARC and some other goodies stored away for that milestone, so spread the word about how fabulous I am!

OK, and now it's time for Sunday Funday! This is my weekly feature where I post the funnest/funniest/most useful (in my humble opinion) links from around the blogging universe!

The First Novels Club attended an SCBWI retreat in the Poconos this weekend! They live-blogged the whole thing, because they are le awesome. I can't link just one post, because they are all worthwhile, so head on over to FNC and check out the posts!

Emilia Plater is an incredibly bubbly and adorable 16-year-old writer who wrote and performed (in a vlog) an incredibly bubbly and adorable song about how much she loves publishing. This vlog has been linked all over the place, but if you haven't seen it yet you pretty much need to. If it doesn't make you smile, nothing will, and you are a soulless freak.

Speaking of talented teens, Kody Keplinger wrote this week about the worst possible thing you can do to your characters - let them do something out of character.

Apparently, it's talented teens week on Sunday Funday! I have another for you - Steph Bowe, who talked about things she can't relate to in YA books. I especially agree with her discussion of super hot, totally perfect boys. What super hot, totally perfect boy would have talked to me, let alone actually dated me in high school? And why would I have been interested in any of them, anyway? I much preferred boys like...

Sam, from Shiver. (Well, I guess he is supposed to be hot. But bare with me for the continuity of the post. And he is kind of an outcast, so I think it works. Plus he works at a bookstore, which definitely would have made him lame at my high school. You had to work at the yogurt shop or the golf range or something to be cool. Popularity is so weird.) But do boys like that really exist? Maggie Stiefvater set out to prove that they do. EDIT: Jessica is a genius, and pointed out that Maggie has said Sam is only hot because Grace loves him. Really he's a skinny pasty guy, and Grace mentioned that she probably would have walked right by a guy like him. I'm pasty. My hubs is skinny. Which leads perfectly into...

I joined the party a little too late to tweet at Maggie my own story about my real-life Sam. And I don't have an LJ account so I couldn't comment on her entry (which I think I must have been doing something wrong, or maybe she changed her settings, because I have commented on her stuff in the past. But I digress.) But I married a Sam. We met on a blind date in high school. He used to write me poems and leave them for me to find when I woke up in the morning (on my car, or my fence). I definitely wasn't on his way to school so this was a big effort for him. When I moved to college, we were broken up, but we stayed pen pals. I dated (and almost got engaged to) someone else, but in the end I got back together with my hubs. The girl who set us up is still my best friend, and was the maid of honor at our wedding. Here's a picture of us from high school (and it is super awesome.):

Happy Sunday everyone! Feel free to share your favorite links in the comments.


  1. Well, Maggie mentions (either in that blog post or somewhere else) that Sam is hot because we see him through Grace's eyes and she loves him. Grace says somewhere in the book that he's someone she would have just walked by and has called him just a pasty white guy.

    I think that's the important distinction to make. Is someone hot because he's HOT? Or because in 1st person we see him through the eyes of the girl who likes/loves him and she sees him at hot?

    As much as I was caught up in Twilight, I am really over that "perfect" guy. Just like in real life, I like my guys with flaws.

    I love that hs pic of you guys! Adorable!

    My Sam is the one who got away. :-(

  2. OMG you are so right. *edits post*

    OK, so your Sam got away. Oh well. You have someone else now, and maybe he's not a Sam, but he's something else.

  3. I don't care what you say. You guys ARE a hot couple. AND that was in HS; that's saying something.

  4. So what exactly is a blogfest? Are there ways to search for those, are do you come about them randomly?

  5. Sydnee, I'll send you an email too in case you don't check back here, but basically a blogfest is a chance for people to post scenes from their WIP or scenes their wrote just for the blogfest. The scenes will all be on one theme. I've participated in a kissing blogfest, a no-kiss/almost-kiss blogfest, and the murder blogfest, but there are usually a few every month. I am considering hosting one here. Usually you'll just see them announced on blogs you follow, but I think Raquel Byrnes has a pretty good list in her sidebar ( Upcoming ones include the Bad Girl blogfest, the Deleted Scenes blogfest, the last line blogfest, and a few more. Hope that helps! If you just look out on Twitter and the blogs you'll see the announcements.

  6. Aww, love the pic of you two. Now I will be on the look out for you around town. ;)

  7. OMG, you guys were so super cute. Love it. What a great romance story. Wait, you're not a writer by any chance, are you? ;)

    Great links! I have to wonder if we don't create book boyfriends out of our male protagonists. I think sometimes we live out fantasies through our books.


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