Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy kissing day!

Happy Kissing Day Blogfest! Sherrinda over at A Writer Wannabe was inspired by the mistletoe that abounds this season, and came up with the genius idea of having a kissing day throughout the blogging world! Being a big fan of kissing, I think it's a great idea. We're supposed to post a snippet from our WIP that involves a kiss, and/or some clips or snippets from other movies or books that show a great kiss.

First off, something from my WIP. There is one reference to a character name, but I took it out because...well, there are a few people out there who might be curious as to who exactly Kaia is kissing here (there are two prospects) and it's more fun to keep them in suspense. This scene is actually out on critique right now, so it's still a little rough. But in the spirit of kissing day...rough can sometimes be a good thing. ;-)
As he said it, I released his left hand from the restraints. Both hands now free, he lifted them to my face, pressing has fingers into my checks and gathering me toward him. He kissed me, hard, not bothering to take his time working up from a slow, romantic gesture. My head spun, my stomach felt light and airy. I wasn’t sure if I was going to throw up and faint or lift right off my feet. He tasted smoky but just a little sweet, like roasted cherries. I closed my eyes and kissed him back, parting his mouth with my tongue. His lips were warm and full against my skinny bird-like ones. Blood rushed to my head, making me so dizzy I thought I would drop any minute. My knees started shaking a bit, but he simply pulled me closer, wrapping his arms around my body and entwining his fingers in knots in my hair.

When he finally pulled back, my lips felt numb and raw. I couldn’t look him in the eye, so I looked pointedly at his shoulder, and wiped a drop of spit – mine or his? – from my chin.   
So there you have it. That was the first kissing scene I'd written in a very long time, too, although it's seen an edit or two since the first draft. I do wish there was a decent synonym for lips, but oh well. 

And now some videos! I couldn't decide between my favorite two kissing scenes, so I'm just posting them both. Apparently I really like scenes where people OMGTOTALLYMAKEOUT in the rain. 

And if the Half-Blood Prince movie hadn't screwed it up, I'm sure this scene would have made my list too:
That was such a great moment. *Sigh*

Want more kisssing? Head on over to the official Mr. Linky list of blogs participating in the Kissing Day Blogfest and click away! Better yet, post some kisses on your blog and join the fun!


  1. Love your kiss!!! And the bit of spittle at the end? Very funny, and oddly...erotic. I'm dying to find out who these characters are now. Great choices for non-wip kissing scenes as well!!

  2. Love all the kisses you shared!! Very nice scene and of course I want to know who she's kissing...

  3. That was truly awesome! Spit from her chin, huh?! Love it! :)

  4. Very real and lovely. Oh and the Spiderman kiss--SO GOOD.

  5. Beautiful scene! I enjoyed it insanely!

  6. That was great! I would have drooled, too! :)

  7. That was great! I love today's Kissing Fest!

  8. The Notebook! And seriously, I was soooo mad about that Harry Potter flub. I want a redo!

  9. Buahahahaha "But in the spirit of kissing day...rough can sometimes be a good thing. ;-)" I love it :-)

    Also, I love how wonderful the kiss was, but that she was wiping spit off of her chin by the end!

  10. Oh also - I LOVE the wordle in your blog heading!

  11. thanks for posting this! is was awesome. and the clips .... yummy goodness.

    Where Romance Meets Therapy

  12. Very nice!

    I read a quote somewhere from Daniel Radcliffe where he talks about how horrified he was by the way he kisses Ginny in the movie--he said something about how he had horse lips. haha. And I definitely agree it was a better moment in the books! Ah well, though. We can only hope for the best...

  13. Ooooo, very nicely done! And what delicious clips! Thanks so much for participating and making my day!!

  14. Oh god, that gave me the little butterflies good kissing scenes give me when they've been put off forever in a book and I haven't even the slightest idea what this story is even about! Releasing him from restraints; very sexy.

  15. I loved your scene it gave me the chills! And I so agree about the Harry Potter kissing scene, when they messed it up, well lets just say, I wanted to cry. *sish* and the Notebook is also one of my favorite kissing scenes.


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