Sunday, December 13, 2009

Sunday Funday!

I'm barely getting this in under the wire, here, but it was a busy day! Here are some posts from around the blog-o-sphere that I enjoyed this week!

The Rejectionist watched Terminator: Salvation (so I didn't have to), and found out everything you needed to know about novel writing can actually be found in a Christian Bale film.

The Inkwell Bookstore begs to differ, and says that everything writers need to know can be found in a Roger Hargreaves book. They are also awesome and linked to my blog, which makes them the coolest blog I know (for right now).

Ulysses won a contest, and the prize was a query evaluation! He was kind enough to post his query and the slightly snarky response (by the aforementioned Rejectionist...I love them. I could pretty much make this entire post one giant link to their blog). Since QueryShark doesn't update nearly enough for my liking (but I understand that she has more important things to do with her time), I highly enjoyed this. 

This post on Janet Reid's blog, which led me to this amazing entry by Miss Snark, full of writely rewrites of classic Christmas carols. Break out the spiked eggnog and sing along; they're all quite enjoyable and accruate, and you will very likely learn something.

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