Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Funday!

Before I get started on Sunday Funday, I have two quick announcements:

1. I won the One-Minute Writing of the Day again! Hooray! I was going to wait and post the award in my sidebar permanently only if I ever won the Writing of the Week, but I really think Beth has a great thing going on over at OMW, and I want more people to know about it. Also I'm a show-off.

2. Apparently, tomorrow is some kind of awesome celebration of kissing day. It's the Official Kissing Day Blogfest, put on by Sherrinda at A Writer Wannabe. I'll be participating, which means you can stop be here tomorrow to read an awesome/awkward/awful kissing scene from my WIP! (I haven't decided which way to go yet.) It will probably be short, because my draft is still pretty rough, but I couldn't resist the urge to post about kissing. (Special thanks to Frankie for letting me know about it!) 

And now, for a few fun writerly links from around the Web!

Are you familiar with Savage Chickens? You should be. I love his Post-It cartoons, but this one is author-related. (Mine is definitely glam - it's from my wedding. But I would get something a little less head-over-the-shoulder for a professional Web site. I just don't have many pictures of me where I'm not, say, wearing a Sombraro or looking otherwise ridiculous.)

Fans of Harry Potter must watch this video, where Hermione becomes Michelle Pfeiffer and Coolio raps about wizards from the wrong side of the Hogwarts Express.

Fans of Megan McCafferty/Jessica Darling must read this rendition of 12 Days of Christmas, which my book club wrote as an ode to our favorite dreg. (You should also try to use the #lassodicking tag on Twitter whenever possible.) I know I linked to this in my questions post, but it is so fabulous it needed to be pointed out again.

Marybeth at Desperately Searching for My Inner Mary Poppins explains why editing is just like parenting. I'm not a parent yet, but I'm already up all night with my manuscript.

And would it really be Sunday Funday without a link to The Rejectionist? I don't think so. They make me laugh almost daily (and they don't even update daily!)


  1. I'm excited you're participating in kissing day--I've loved what I've read of your writing so far!

  2. Kissing day sounds so fun! I've got to check that out. We're all about awkward kisses.

  3. Thanks for all the great links - can't wait to check out the ones I don't visit. :)


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