Friday, January 15, 2010

Now would be a good time to follow me.

I know your type. You stop by here every once in awhile. Maybe you follow the link from my Facebook or Twitter profile, or you click on my name when I comment on someone else's blog, only to find yourself facing that impossibly cool (if slightly out of focus...the jpg conversion didn't go well) Wordle header. You're a regular visitor, but not yet a follower, and I have to tell would be a good time to scoot your mouse over the the right and click that little rectangle, my friend. 

Starting tomorrow, I'm headed down to St. Pete (a whopping 30 minute drive) for a whole week of workshops, lectures on craft, talks on how to get an agent or get published in a literary magazine, and more. And I'm going to share everything with you, which means I'll be laying all kinds of knowledge on your minds. (I'm more than happy/excited to do this. We get a two-hour break every day between dinner and the evening reading series, and there's no way I'm going to come all the way home and go back again, so I'll spend the time posting a blog update then reading, when I'm not spending time with my super cool new writer friends.)

Better still, at the end of the week (more like the beginning of next week, I guess, since the conference goes from Saturday to Saturday) I'll be giving away some signed books!! And in order to win, you're going to need to be a follower. So you might as well just get it over with now and clicky click on that little button over there. I know it's calling your name.

Still not convinced? Here's a schedule of events/preview of posts for next week (there are workshops every afternoon, so I didn't list those, and various social events thrown in, only one of which I listed because, well, it's a BOAT CRUISE):

Saturday: Registration, campus tour, Anita Shreve reading

Sunday: Anita Shreve's Lecture on Craft (Beginnings), Stewart O'Nan & Sterling Watson reading

Monday: Roundtable discussions (I don't know the topics yet, sorry!) and the day my MS gets critiqued in workshop session. CUE HEATHER'S FREAK-OUT. Ann Hood and Beth Ann Fennelly reading.

Tuesday: Dennis Lehane's Lecture on Craft, evening boatcruise, Tom Franklin & Peter Meinke reading

Wednesday: conference free day! (I might post Tuesday's entry today, since that day is pretty full, or I might use Wednesday's post to divulge everything everyone wrote on my MS pages)

Thursday: Dennis Duhamel's Lecture on Craft, Sherri Reynolds' Lecture on Craft, Dennis Duhamel & Sherri Reynolds' reading

Friday: Panel on editing and publishing, Michael Koryta and Laura Lippman readings

Saturday: Literary Magazines and University Presses, Finding an Agent, Dennis Lehane's evening reading

So if any of those topics sound interesting to you, or you'd want to hear what any of those authors have to say, then follow me now, and pay attention all week, because I will be taking notes and posting them here.

Until tomorrow...woot!


  1. Woohooo! That;s sooooo exciting, I can't wait to hear what you learn. I'll be doing the same for the next three weekends in a row! Sooooo excited, and don't forget your blogger friends when you meet your cool new in person writer friends;)

  2. Even though I'm supposed to be catching up on the two days worth of blog posts I missed while I was doing work at my day job (to make up for being out all next week) I had to respond immediately to this:

    Frankie, I will never forget my blogger writing friends. I made them first and I made them best, and they give me awards. :)

  3. Have fun! I look forward to hearing about what you've learned there.

  4. Wow. You have no idea how jealous I am right now. I've been sitting through three days of state English curriculum revision work. Why can't I be at a fabulous writing conference somewhere? Why, why, why?! :-)

    Oh, well. At least I'm already a loyal follower, so maybe I can live vicariously through you next week. :-)

  5. Oh my gosh I am practically GREEN right now Heather!! You are going to have such an awesome time!!!

    Do we get extra points if we already follow and love you before you make it big at the conference??? ;-)

  6. Hi Heather - I'm a new follow! Found you lurking on NBC when you posted about getting into the conference. Just wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying your blog! I'm (sort of) and aspiring writer too (although not nearly as motivated as you are at this point!) I can't wait to hear about your experience at the conference. I'm hoping it will kick my butt in gear to work on my WIP a bit more! Have fun! :)

  7. Wow! Sounds cool. Thanks Heather. Looking forward to having some cool knowledge laid on my mind!

  8. Hi, Heather. I'm a new follower. You've got a great blog here! Can't wait to hear all about you learned!

  9. Heh heh, I'm officially following now (I keep forgetting to do that). Learn lots! Come back and teach us. :)


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