Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunday Funday!

It's Sunday!! Which means I'm going to post some hilarious/awesome/hilariously awesome links from around the blog-o-sphere! (And you definitely want to visit them - they are full of win!)
  • The first one is, of course, another link to my signed book giveaway!! Win The Given Day by Dennis Lehane of The Pilot's Wife by Anita Shreve! Tomorrow is the last day to enter!
  • The ever-terrifying, ever-insightful Janet Reid tells you why you should make sure you've actually read the book you are comparing your book to in your query.
  • Frankie posts these (probably) great recaps of The Vampire Diaries over at The First Novels Club. I never read them because, well, I don't watch that show (even though it has Mia from Degrassi: TNG on it, so I probably should watch it...but I don't have cable.) Her most recent recap, which I can only assume is hilarious because Frankie herself is hilarious, is here.
  • Speaking of Frankie, she posted a helpful guide to packing/dressing for a conference weekend. Many of my blogging friends are probably at SCBWI or other awesome conferences right now, and therefore not reading this at all, but for those conferences in the future this could be helpful. 
  • The soon-to-be-published Steph Bowe, who is only 15 and quite frankly amazing, compares not outlining to pantsing. 'Nough said.
  • Can you spot the errors in this hilarious query phone call Getting Past the Gatekeeper received? (Please don't make these mistakes. Ever. Or you will be tarred, feathered, and sacked.)
  • Speaking of query phone calls, Diana Paz at Writing Roller Coasters posted a hypothetical query phone call which is also awful, then points out everything that is awful about it. 
  • And finally, my one true love, The Rejectionist, answers the best rhetorical questions they've ever gotten in query letters. This was my favorite post all week. Rejectionist, I'm pretty sure we're both girls and there are very few states that would allow it, plus I'd have to get a divorce first, but will you please, please, PLEASE marry me? I love you.
What posts from around the blogging world did you just love this week? Feel free to post them in my comments! 


  1. Thanks for the linky love Heather, I must send you #rainbowhugs and yes, I'm the one who does the Vampire Diaries Recaps:-)

  2. Love the links!!! Yay for Sunday Funday!!

  3. I'm going to have to check out The Rejectionist link. Ah, those rhetorical questions... :)


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