Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I'm learning a lot about my characters!

Well, I'm past the 10,000 word mark! That's right, tonight I hit 10,290 words with my novel. Hooray! So far, some really surprising things have happened. I wrote a paragraph that I actually feel good about sharing (possibly tomorrow), and the best part is, it's happy! It happens after the main character's main problem is revealed, so I think the shock gets to her and everything is just a bit happy for awhile.

I also accidentally created a hilarious character who wasn't even in my original outline! She is pretty hilarious, and now that I'm done writing her scene I'm hoping that I can find a way to sneak her in later. She is just so clueless and dim-witted that she seems to be a nice respite from the rest of the characters in my dystopian, depressing universe.

Today's character studies are taken from a prompt from the one-minute writer blog. This is a great blog, similar to in concept. But her prompts tend to be much more in-depth. For this prompt, I chose three characters: my main character, the character I mentioned above, and a character that I just introduced, who is going to become the most important secondary character and possibly a love interest (I haven't decided if I should stoop that low yet...but I probably will, because who doesn't enjoy a good love story?)

The prompt: What nervous habits do you have? I wrote one from each character's POV! Enjoy!


I run my hands through my hair, and play with my zipper. I try not to show the world my emotions, but they always get the best of me. When I am feeling especially anxious, I’ll rub my fingers against the tag embedded into my arm.


Nervous! Hm, let’s see…when I get nervous I…well, gosh, I don’t know! I suppose I tug at my hair, yes, and pace quite a bit! Ha! I must look like a loon when I get nervous! Sometimes I do get a bit jittery, but I don’t really think it’s nerves!


Showing your emotions makes you weak. That is the first thing that we learn in Council training. Keep your eyes forward and your head trained back. And keep your gaze on the person you are speaking to. So when I feel anxious, it is all internalized. My stomach turns in knots and I feel a bit queasy, but I show no signs on my face or in my body language.

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