Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Thankfulness overload!

When I loaded up my blog reader list today, almost every entry was full of thanks-related blogs. It got me thinking that I should be writing an entry about thankfulness....because I like to hop on the bandwagon, apparently. (I am writing YA, after all! And that joke is only OK because I made it.)

So, in no particular order, 7 writing-related things I am thankful for:

1. My 11th grade English teacher, for giving me the student of the year award, and for staying with me every day after school for almost two weeks to help me with my Catch-22 banned books research paper. Mrs. Meyer, you have no idea how much that all meant to me. Also, I'm pretty sure that awesome recommendation letter you wrote me is the only reason I got into my first-choice school, on scholarship, no less.

2. Speaking of awesome teachers, Prof. Spear, from UR, who once locked me out of class for being late. He was hilarious and awesome, and taught one of the best classes I've ever taken (journalism as literature). He also told me he saw me as a writer, which is amazing, and gave me a bunch of old books from his library.

3., for letting me publish my thoughts to the entire universe, and the blogging community for giving me such great support and advice.

4. The Offices of Letters and Light, for keeping NaNo going, and reminding me every day why I love to write.

5. The girls on my book club board, especially those who are doing NaNo with me, for encouraging and inspiring me every day, and reading my dreadful first 25 pages and helping me form it into something worthy of Dennis Lehane.

6. My husband and my dogs for supporting me. (Is it mean that I put them on the same line? Maybe.)

7. J.K. Rowling, because she is awesome, a master of her craft, and opened a whole new generation to the idea that books are fun.

What are you thankful for? (Oh, come on, you knew that was coming as soon as you saw the title of this post.)


  1. We are thankful for your gifts of writing. Love ya,
    Uncle George and Aunt Wendy

  2. I'm thankful that my mother lives closer to me now and that we can have the holidays together. As for my writing, I'm thankful that I have so many shiny new ideas that are spilling out of me like a lovely river!

    Have a great holiday!


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