Thursday, November 12, 2009


Do you remember in my first post where I said I would sometimes ask you, the reader, for suggestions and inspiration? No?

Here's a refresher.

There's this short story contest I really want to enter. The word count is only 1,500 words, which is nothing. If anything, I'll have trouble keeping it brief. I do have some ideas, but I thought I would use my blog to my advantage and see if you can suggest something interesting. It's actually a huge national contest, so I don't really harbor any delusions that I'm going to win. So if I don't win and the contest organizers run laughing in the other direction, refusing to ever publish my piece of crap story, I will publish my awesomeness here for all to see. And if I do place high enough that the story is published, I will cry with joy, thank my adoring fans, and post the link here so you can go read the story (if it's made available online).

So, all of that being said, here is my shameless call for suggestions. Post a comment with a single word, phrase, or plot point that you want to see me write about. You could even put, "write a story about me!" I might not use it (though I do plan on doing something later where I post maybe 250 words on every subject you comment on...but that's for later), but if I do, you will be thanked. If there is something you have always wanted to read about, put it here. If you hate me and have a terrible idea that you know will fail, post it here. If you want me to buy you an ice cream cone when I win with YOUR idea, post here.


  1. Write a story about a robbery

  2. Hmm...I'm bad at this so I'm going to throw you some random words, see if anything strikes your fancy:


    Not sure what you'll do with that, but there ya go! (I know, I'm SO helpful, aren't I?)

  3. Hm...well I had an idea, but I needed a motivation. I think heartbreak would be good, although pestilence is excellent, too, and might be more unexpected. So see, you did help!


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