Monday, November 2, 2009

One word (NaNo style): amber

His eyes were close to amber. Joseth's silent eyes, the ones that were forever burned into my brain. As I sat in the allocation room, running name after name against the mortality patrol's database, all I could think about was Joseth. He was the reason I was here, and I knew nothing would ever be the same.

Hm...sounds mysterious, yes? Remember I said all month my one words would probably come from my NaNo main character's point of view! Well tomorrow (which I guess is technically today) I'll be posting a NaNo update, along with an exciting (or possibly very lame) excerpt from my totally unfinished, unedited, and possibly terrible (but just as possibly awesome) novel.


  1. I post rarely on the book club board, but I've been posting more during NaNo and came across your blog (nest name is itsjustdandy.). I love the blog idea - and your one word from your MC's POV is a great idea that I am officially stealing :)

  2. Steal away! Ultimately, I hope the blog will improve the quality of my writing. I think once NaNo is over, the pressure will be on to write something that people besides my best friend and aunt will actually want to read...


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